Medical Laboratory & Medical Supplies LTD


Furniture that suits your Hospital needs
->Functional Care Beds
->Examination Couches
->Gynaecological Couches

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Burton AIM LED

The most exciting revolution in diagnostic examination lighting
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Imaging Techniques such as ultrasound to diagnose diseases

->Black & White Portable UltraSound Scan Machines
->2D, 3D Color Doppler UltraSound Scan Machines

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-> Haematology Analysers
-> Electrolyte Analysers
-> ELISA Readers&Washers
-> Coagulation
-> Chemistry Analysers...
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New Products

-> Electrolyte Analysers
-> Suction Machines
-> Oxygen Concentrators
-> Centrifuges...
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  • Biochemistry

    Reagents and instrumentation capable of carrying out Liver function tests, Renal Function tests, Lipid Profile and much more...


  • Haematology

    Reagents and Instrumentation capable of carrying out full blood count, ESR, Sickle Cell test, HB-electrophoresis, Platelet Counts and much more


  • Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits

    Typhoid, Syphilis, Malaria, HCG, Troponin, HBsAg, HCV and much more. ELISA Kits with 96-well microtiter plate serves as a solid support and provides a vessel to carry out the ELISA reaction.